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Clinical trials are scientific studies usually testing new treatments, and are available for either healthy volunteers or individuals with specific illnesses. In the long run, your contribution gives hope for safe and effective treatments.

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Comprehensive Understanding of Clinical Trials in Australia

All persons who find and decide to participate in any clinical trial listed on this website do so as part of an agreement with the trial sponsor and the trial manager and not any agreement with Clinical Trials Australia. For a comprehensive understanding of clinical trials in Australia for consumers, please click at the button below:

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Before You Register A Clinical Trial On Our site

There are elements you need to take care of before you can register a clinical study with Clinical Trials Australia, or even before you begin a trial in Australia.

All clinical trials in Australia that are conducting research using ‘unapproved’ therapeutic goods are required to notify the intent to use unapproved therapeutic goods (CTN Scheme) and apply for an exemption in order to use them (CTX Scheme). It is the role of the sponsor or trial lead investigator (whoever is authorised to make key decisions about the trial in Australia) to determine whether therapeutic goods being used in Australia under the trial, are unapproved or not. Before any trail begins, a Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) is required to oversee, monitor and review each trial, so their advice as to the nature of the therapeutic goods being used in the trial will likely be helpful to making a determination here too.  For both the CTN and CTX Schemes, there is a fee. Visit this link to find relevant details on the clinical trial notification and exemption schemes in Australia.

For detailed relevant information on conducting clinical trials in Australia, you may also refer to the Australian Clinical Trial handbook developed by the Australian Government. You can download a copy from this link.

To access further relevant information refer to the Clinical Trials Toolkit here.

Please note that any trial listed on this website is not in any way an endorsement by Clinical Trials Australia of the standard or type of trial or any other aspect of the trial. Safety standards and trial protocols and well as the scientific basis of studies and trials listed with Clinical Trials Australia is the express, sole responsibility of the sponsor and study management and the overseeing HREC.

All persons who find and take part in any clinical trial found on this website do so as part of an agreement with You, the trial sponsor and / or the trial manager and / or the Lead Investigator and not any agreement with Clinical Trials Australia.

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