Unlike the main clinical trials registries in Australia, Clinical Trials Australia trading as Clinical Trials Australia Online, has designed its website with the end-user firmly in mind.

What does that mean?

Firstly, we only list trails that are yet to recruit or which are actively recruiting, leading to much higher relevance of each trial as it is found by our site users. No user wants to find the right trial to discover it is no longer recruiting and they’ve missed out.

Equally important is the technology.

Our website design and functions are based on detailed sector research. Our site is heavily optimised for the types of highly specific search traffic that trials attract online every day.

In short, we have designed a site and a search method that’s made for the needs of the patient and healthy volunteer so they can find the most relevant trial faster and so you can recruit more effectively and efficiently.

When you advertise your clinical trial online with us you are following the market and using the communications channels most relevant to today’s market and most often used on a daily basis. And when we say “today’s market” living online, that includes all demographics, all psychographics and all ages.


Listing your trial on Australia’s most user friendly and search optimised clinical trials site is an excellent start, but actively marketing your trial is also vitally important to your patient recruitment outcomes. This is why we offer expertise in custom patient recruitment digital strategy and integrated campaigns.

The use of social media and online forums in clinical trials advertising is growing significantly and as such, Clinical Trials Australia offers in-house social media strategy and digital communications services to trial sponsors or researchers who wish to take their trial recruitment online and into the social media feeds of millions of Australians.

Social media advertising allows you to target highly specific patient groups in one or more specific locations which means it is a great way to focus your advertising and marketing spend for a better potential return. You can develop your HREC (Ethics Committee) approved ads, including format and message variations ahead of time, and then launch them into market to test their effectiveness. From there you can adjust your messaging and your targeting, refine what works and discard messages that do not engage the market as strongly.

Importantly, studies have confirmed that not only do the majority of patients remember and recall seeing ads relevant to their condition online, but more than 80% of patients with a health condition that is negative to their way of life, preferred longer copy in advertising and a greater level of information.

Founder of Clinical Trials Australia, Chris Gillard has years of experience in health communications strategy and health marketing having created and executed online patient recruitment campaigns using social media and search marketing as far back as 2012. Chris and his team can bring years of health sector communications strategy experience (and wider brand development experience) to your trial advertising communications strategy to vastly increase the potential for you to reach your vital patient recruitment numbers.

You need to consider the best media channels for your patient recruitment target market and how best to target that market once you understand the channels that are most appropriate. An integrated campaign approach is most effective, meaning the use of social media and other digital channels such as search marketing is supported in other traditional media such as print or TV.

Please contact Clinical Trials Australia here, to arrange a free 30 minute patient recruitment strategy consultation or for any other details.

For consumers

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