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The Clinical Trials Australia Online platform is designed to help you find a trial that might be suitable for you in Australia. We cannot promise that you or someone you know will be eligible for a trial or that you will find a sponsor conducting a trial that is suitable for you or a loved one. But you can be assured that we will do our very best to help you discover any trials that may suit you and your current needs or those of your family member or friend.
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For Healthy Volunteers

Clinical Trials For Healthy Volunteers

Are you a healthy volunteer who would like to participate in clinical trials as a civic duty or for other personal reasons? You can find clinical trials near you by searching our database. You can also contact us directly and we can check trials on your behalf. Many people have questions about clinical trials including whether you get paid to take part. To review a range of common questions about clinical trials, please click the button below.

For Ones Seeking New Treatments

Clinical trials for those seeking new treatments to ailments

Are you are seeking to take part in a clinical trial due to your current health circumstances or the health of a friend or family member? Trials listed on Clinical Trials Australia are conducted across a wide spectrum of medical areas and a very broad range of health issues, from cancer and dermatitis, to multiple sclerosis and psoriasis. Please search our database by category and location to find a trial that you may be eligible to participate in.

For answers to some common questions about clinical trials in Australia, please click here. To review a range of common questions about clinical trials, please click below.


Important information for those
who want to participate in clinical trials

Any trial listed on this website is not in any way an endorsement by Clinical Trials Australia of the standard or type of trial or any other aspect of the trial. Safety standards and trial protocols and well as the scientific basis of studies and trials listed with Clinical Trials Australia is the express, sole responsibility of the sponsor and study management.